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But this is not the first time I've felt the need to help others.

In 2011 I started donating quilts called “wraps of love” to medically fragile children. I would personalize each quilt with colors and themes these children loved. When I received notes from their parents on how much the child enjoyed receiving this special gift and how for just a moment nothing else mattered it warmed me from the inside out. Then I decided to include a special gift for their siblings too I felt they needed something special also so I would sew them a quilt or a pillowcase.

In 2015 there were billboards with baby Doe’s picture. I couldn’t understand how no one was missing this sweet girl. Later on she was identified as Bella Bond. My heart was heavy to know that she had suffered so much in her little life. I was contacted on Facebook and asked if I could make a quilt for her out of squares that so many people wrote on. I was honored to and the day I received the package of squares my heart was so full of emotions as I sewed each square together to make a quilt for this sweet child who was loved by so many. I cried the entire time.

Now most of my time is spent making memory gifts for families who have lost loved ones. It brings me great joy to help fill the hole left by losing family and friends. 

I am so happy to have this gift and to be able to shared my talents to help those in need, and to make pieces that bring smiles to peoples faces.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that I have the honor to make these special memory items, quilts or crafts for you and your family.



Welcome to my website, my name is Tammy and I’m a momma to two  wonderful children and a Bo (Grandmother) to four rambunctious grandchildren.

I started this journey ten years ago when I stumbled into a Rhode Island quilt shop, Ryco trim, and fell in love. After seeing all of the beautiful quilts I signed up for my first class and I fell in love with the whole process, I've been quilting in my free time ever since then. Now that I've retired after 32 years working for the Navy I finally have time to dedicate to what I love.

Once I was retired I started teaching quilting classes and art and crafts for both children and adults. It was so rewarding but then the pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. That’s when a request went out for anyone who could sew and I was compelled to help so I did. I sewed masks day after day and donated them to first responders and families in need. I made over 1300 masks, some local and some sent to other states. I felt I was making a difference. 

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